Self-Guided Tour. Foresters Falls and Grants Settlement Road

A. The Williams Stopping Place

B. The Grist Mill

C. The Railroad bridge

D. Sawmill Creek

E. The Lime kilns

F. The Carding Mill

G. The Ottawa River Settlement

H. The Canal Slides

The Grant Settlement Road iwas one of the first settlements in Whitewater Region. Because of it's location close to the Ottawa River, it likely predates many of the first surveyed roads, and many riverside sites date back to before European encroachment. However ancestors of today's residents first arrived in the early 1830's.

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For those interested in recorded history, sites A to E show artefacts and sites during the growth of road and railway, and those interested in Canada's river culture (pre 1800's) will enjoy the second half. Site "H", the Canal Slides is a trip for only the most hardy of historians, requiring a canoe, strong hiking shoes and topographic map and compas.