Self-Guided Tours — Grants Settlement

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The Unknown Farm. Grant Settlement Road

Small building foundation facing river. Photo 06/03Directions

Take Foresters Falls road east out of the village until you come to the first intersection.

Turn North onto the Grant Settlement Road and proceed 10k until you cross the "Fletcher Road" intersection. Continue along the Grant Settlement Road for a further .7k until you enter a wooded section of the road. Almost immediately there is an unnamed road on the right which leads to the "Lunch Spot" river access parking. Take the trail downriver behind the buildings and around the bay for about 1k until you reach the headland at the South East side of the bay, and then proceed a further .5k downriver until you reach the next bay where you can see the spectacular cliffs of fractured white marble that gives us "Butchers Knife" rapids. At the extreme upriver end of this bay one can see several clear outlines of barn foundations, older walls and many old Maple Syrup buckets.

Large foundation is often mistaken for part of the trail, Photo 06/03History

The age of this community is not known but it is thought to predate European intrusion. Access from the shoreline to the open field is quite good and there are signs of minor excavation and earthworkings around. There is also much poison Ivy, testament to man's continued usage. Access to this area is by kind permission of Wilderness Tours.

Foundation of old building. Age unknown. Photo, 06/03