Self-Guided Tours — Grants Settlement

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Bennett Windmill, Foresters Falls and Bromley twp.


Travel southwest from Cobden on County Road 8 towards Eganville. The windmill can be seen from the highway 4km south of Cobden on the East side of County Road 8.


Submitted by: Edna Peever

This is a “Toronto” windmill, a name brand which was popular at the turn of the last century. It was used by my father, Joseph Bennett on his farm at Foresters Falls. Windmills usually have only one platform but a second one was added to this one by Mr. Malcolm Morrison of Cobden to enable the windmill to catch more wind, as it was located at the bottom of a hill. Due to the advent of electricity and electric pumps, its use was discontinued. When the family farm in Foresters Falls was sold, my husband and I moved the family heirloom to our home on the Cobden-Eganville Road, where it still stands. This was accomplished by Mr. Ken Barr of the Barr Line with the use of a crane and a flatbed truck.

This windmill has roots in both Whitewater and Bromley regions. Its original location was on the former family farm of Joseph and Margaret Bennett, Foresters Falls, ON. It is currently standing on the property at 851 Cobden Road, Cobden, ON.

We are uncertain of the date it was built. Use was discontinued when electricity became available to the Foresters Falls area.