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The Cobden Sun Buildings, Cobden

Submitted by Joyce McBride. From the photo album of Elsie (Guest) McBride


In the village of Cobden


On Feb 21 1913 the Cobden Sun was destroyed in a fire that destroyed an entire block of businesses along Main St.

The Sun was resurrected by martin Ringrose in 1918. He had formenrly published "The Advocate" in Douglas. The building was on Main Street and had been Roach?s Store. Here, Elsie Guest learned the printing trade. In Oct 1919, D.C. Mcfarlane bought the business. He was a veteran of WW1 and a native of Lanark, ON. His twin brother published "The lanark Era". Elsie Guest and D.C. McFarlane were married in 1922.

A building on 36 Crawford St was the next home of the Cobden Sun, built in 1922 by McFarlane. The Sun was sold by McFarlane in 1928 to Arthur McCredie. Next, a son, Howard McCredie was owner and publisher. It was bought by "The Eganville Leader" in 1975.

The printing office on Crawford Street was demolished in 1989 and replaced with a new building for editing, as printing was no longer done at this site.

The Cobden Sun, resurrected in 1918 in Mrs Roachs store. CPR freight yard and station is on right. A news career here began in Dec, 1918 under Martin Ringrose. Then in 1920, D.C McFarlane

The building (centre) was built in 1922 at 36 Crawford Street and became the new home of the Cobden Sun. The Sun was sold in Oct 1928 to Arthur McCredie. The building was later torn down and replaced by the current one (below).